Aksana in the movie

It was a pleasure for us to participate in creation of several czech movies and serials. Our hand-made
caps will be forever visible at the heads of our favourite actors. 


Where can you see our work?

Dark blue world

Dark Blue World is czech war movie from the times of second world war. Lead roles belong to Ondrej Vetchy and Krystof Hadek.


According to period pictures we sewed all the uniform caps and garisson caps that appeared on the heads of actors in this movie.

Gendarmery stories

Gendarmery stories is one of the most sucessful czech serials. It takes place in gendarmery village
station in the period of the First republic.


For this serial we produced more than 20 gendarmery caps with red stripe so that they are as much
similar to the period caps as possible. You can see them on the heads of Tomas Topfer, Ivan Trojan or
Frantisek Svihlik.

Gendarmeries from Luhacovice

Gendarmeries from Luhacovice is free follow-up of the Gendarmery stories. Both serials were from
the period of the First republic, solving various criminal cases.


For this serial, we produced 10 black caps with peak that can be seen at the head of Pavel Zednicek
or Vladimir Hauser. Than there was 10 red-grey and 10 uniform caps that can be seen at heads of
Karel Dobry or Martin Donutil.

Aksana in theater

Not just in movies, but also in theatres you can meet our caps. Where?


National Theater


Several performances are using our caps, for instance:

  • Good-payed walk – cap at the head of postman Jiri Suchy,
  • Heart eagerness – cap at the head of Colonel Jiri Stepnicka,
  • Colonel Svec – Filip Kankovsky and Alois Svehlik


Musical theater Karlin

For Musical theater Karlin we produced 5 uniform caps for performance based on famous movie Sister Act.


Vinohrady Theater

Here you can see our work at the head of Vaclav Vydra who acts as post office in the performance
with the name The Inspector General.