Aksana in the movie

About us

1 000 000

of produced caps

21 years

of tradition

10 states

wearing our caps


Long time ago, exactly in year 1999, people with long-term experience of caps production setup the
company. They named it Aksana and invested everything since the very beginning – their time, their
craftmanship and passion for detail and high-quality sewing. In year 2020, everything turned upside-down.


OK, not exactly upside-down. Just that the owners have changed. From the original owner we overtook it – husband and wife Castellon. What did it mean to the company?


Just one more step forward. We gave the best from us. We honour the same company values as since the very beggining, that´s why our caps are the best far and near. And we do everything so that
it never changes.


Our main specializiation is production of uniform and army caps and berets for hunters, soldiers, police and security. But not just that. Everyone can get what he/she wants or needs. We can produce a cap for everyday wearing based on your wish.


We gladly produce caps for theatres, movies and serials.Very specific order was also the production of fur caps for british castle guard.


Quality is guaranteed not just by hundreds of satisfied customers but also 2 very important certificates:

  • ISO 9001 – Certificate of quality proving that Aksana follows strict criteria for quality management system.
  • AQAP 2110 – Specific certificate of quality created for army industry. It ensures that Aksana fulfills the NATO qualitative requirements during reasearch, development and production of the goods.

Did you know...

that you could have seen our work in some well known czech movies?
How did it fit our caps in front of the camera? Look!