Unifromni Vycházková kolekce Les lov a volný čas Sportovni
tradional nasavrcky production of headwear
AKSANA s.r.o. /Ltd./ was founded in March 1999 as a direct continuation of the tradition of headwear manufacture in Nasavrky. The manufacturing program of the company was initially focused primarily on the manufacture of gentlemen's headwear, in particular uniform headwear, and was gradually expanded to include sewn ladies' hats and gentlemen's hunting camps and felt promenade hats. Today the company offers not only a broad selection of uniform headwear but also a plentiful offering of caps and hats for hunters, leather caps and hats and innovative yearly collections of gentlemen's and ladies' promenade caps and hats. Aksana is capable of reacting flexibly to customer demands on the basis of their own designs and the development of headwear.